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Reissues We Like, Part 2

Further to last week’s post, here are some more reissues coming our way later this year that we’re excited about

The Kinks – Are The Village Green Preservation Society (box set)

October 26th will see the release of this mammoth set celebrating Ray, Dave and the lads’ iconic 1968 album across 3 vinyl LPs, 5 CDs, 3 7″ singles, a book, replica posters, postcards, and a perfectly-preserved piece of dust from the recording studio console (probably)

Stuffed with alternate versions, remasters, mono and stereos mixes, and outtakes, there’s surely nothing left in the Kinks Kupboard after this.


Joe Strummer – 001

Joe Strummer has long been due a comprehensive solo retrospective. Ideally this would’ve been a box set, but a double CD taster will do for now. Taking in his pre-Clash work with The 101’ers, through his Lost Years post-Clash, right up to his indian summer with The Mescaleros, it’s an ideal introduction to the lesser-known works of this most missed of musical firebrands. Out through Ignition Records on the 28th of this month


Phil Collins – Plays Well With Others

There’s obviously a Collins Nerd lurking in the corridors of power at Rhino Records. This 4CD set takes in The Phil’s collaborations with other artists, such as Brian Eno, John Cale, Adam Ant, John Martyn, George Martin, and Peter Gabriel. While there’ll always be those who are happy to lazily label Phil Collins as a Yacht-Rocker (horrible term), not to mention those who profess their fanhood in an ‘ironic’ way (tossers), there’s no denying that Phil was one of the world’s best drummers, a hugely in-demand producer, and a master of pop. Dig deeper with this set, you’ll be glad you did. Out on September 28th.

(Phil produced and drums, phenomenally, on this:)


David Bowie – Loving The Alien (1983 – 1988) box set

Paul Sinclair over at the always brilliant wrote a great piece when this box set was announced, saying of all past and future Bowie ‘5 Years’ boxsets, this is the one he’s looking forward to most. Why? Because it covers his Bowie. We feel the same at 1983 was the first time we became aware of David Bowie, and over the next few years we grew up with tracks like ‘Absolute Beginners’, ‘Time Will Crawl’, ‘China Girl’, ‘Underground’ and other classic pop singles. Sure, the eighties weren’t Dave’s most revered years, but this box is a must. Along with all his studio albums from the period, it includes a full live show from the Serious Moonlight tour, and another from the Glass Spider trek, not to mention a ‘reimagined’ version of the Never Let Me Down album. Also, the cover’s cool as fuck. Out October 12th, so take the day off.

Part Three coming soon!

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