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Reissues We Like, Part 1

The final quarter of the year is usually the most exciting for fans of box sets and reissues, as the major labels prepare for the always-lucrative Christmas market. In this post, and over the next few weeks, we thought we’d highlight some of the releases we’re particularly looking forward to. Warning: May Contain Marillion

Tom Petty – An American Treasure

Petty Treasure cover

Released on the 28th of this month, this 4-CD set of Petty live cuts, album tracks and rarities has been compiled by Tom’s family, and his band The Heartbreakers. So far, we’ve been treated to two tasters, and it must be said, ‘Keep A Little Soul’ is a whopper


R.E.M. – At The BBC

Coming October 19th, nine discs of Athens’ favourite sons’ exploits for Auntie sounds good to us. This set comprises live concerts, radio sessions and television appearances across eight audio discs and one DVD, spanning 1984 – 2008. Also available as a 2CD or 2LP set, but who wants that?


John Lennon – Imagine: The Ultimate Collection

All this box set is short of is including a piece of parquet flooring from the recording studio. It includes 140 tracks across 6 discs, including demos, alternate takes, the original album remastered, and ‘elements’ mixes showing the evolution of each song during the recording process. It’s a deep dive into the classic Imagine album, and we can’t wait. Out October 5th


Marillion – Clutching At Straws Deluxe Edition

The Marillos’ final album with Fish gets the deluxe edition treatment on November 23rd, as a 4CD/1DVD or 5LP set. While not as iconic as the artists above, this release will be of huge interest to the band’s fanbase, including as it does the album remixed, a full live set from 1987, and a disc of demos. The cherry on top though is a new documentary with all five original band members, where they discuss the difficulties around the band during this period and the eventual departure of Fish.  Also, if you order it from Fish’s online store, he’ll sign it for you. Result!


Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Original Soundtrack

We’d buy this for the cover alone. The new Freddie Mercury biopic looks very good indeed, and of course there was always going to be an accompanying soundtrack. What we didn’t expect though, is the first official audio release of tracks from Queen‘s Live Aid Set, aka The Best Gig By Anyone Ever. For some reason, the Live Aid set is incomplete, leaving out ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and ‘We Will Rock You’. Bizarre, but I’ll tell you this for nothing – this CD will take up permanent residence in your CD player. If you still have one.

Part Two coming soon!

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