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5 Famous Covers Of Billy Joel Songs, and two Joel playlists

In advance of Billy‘s concert at the Aviva Stadium on June 23rd, we present a list of his songs as covered by some superstars, followed by two specially-curated Joel playlists for you to enjoy.


Garth Brooks – Shameless

Originally released by Billy on his 1989 album Storm Front, two years later Garth Brooks took his version to Number 1 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Country chart. Still sounds like he’s singing ‘Séamus’ though…

Barry White – Just The Way You Are

So famous is this version of Billy’s 1977 track that most people think The Walrus Of Love recorded it first.

Dolly Parton – Travelin’ Prayer

This is originally from Billy’s 1973 album Piano Man. Twenty-six years later, Dolly added her own inimitable style to it, and made it sound like she wrote it.

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic – It’s Still Billy Joel To Me

Back in 1980, comedian ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, being the wag that he is, recorded a parody of Billy’s ‘It’s Still Rock N Roll To Me’. Taking as his cue Joel’s propensity to incorporate different genres of music on his albums, Yankovic delivered a wickedly funny song which basically says ‘he can try to change his sound, but he’ll always be muck’. We don’t agree of course, but it’s worth hearing

Westlife – Uptown Girl

Billy’s original video for this song featured supermodel and then-Joel-squeeze Christie Brinkley, so when recording their version, Westlife had Claudia Schiffer appear in the video.  Whether you like this song or otherwise, we have to thank the boyband for opening the music of Billy Joel to a whole new generation


There’s nothing like the real thing though, and Billy Joel is a master melodist, a phenomenal pianist, and his singing’s not too shabby either. We’ve created two Spotify playlists for you to enjoy – one fast, one slow:

Rock ‘N’ Joel


Billy Bedtime

See you at the Aviva!

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