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New Music This Week (w/e 01/09/2017)

Here’s our favourite new music from the past seven days:

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Over Everything

The collaboration between Kurt ‘N’ Courtney was initially only meant to be for one song, but they had so much fun, they recorded a full album together.  Like a younger, less rich version of The Traveling Wilburys. Lotta Sea Lice comes out October 13th


LCD Soundsystem – change yr mind

People lose their shit over LCD Soundsystem, and I’m not sure why.  This is good though, from the new album American Dream


U2 – The Blackout








First taster from the album Songs Of Experience, with the actual single ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me’ to follow on Wednesday.  In a move of huge wankstainery, they released this song only on Facebook video.  We tried for 20 minutes to embed it, then gave up, because life’s too short.  Way to reach the kids, U2, not putting it on YouTube. Watch it on our Facebook page.  Or don’t. That’ll teach ’em

Daughter – Flaws

From their new album released today, this is the standout track as far as we’re concerned.  Largely instrumental, and lovely


New Album Of The Week:
OMD – The Punishment Of Luxury









Where OMD proudly say ‘Didn’t like Dazzle Ships? You’ll hate this then’.  Proving they’re the most un-Rock N Roll band ever, (as if Andy McCluskey’s dancing didn’t already) one song on it’s called ‘La Mitrailleuse’.  Great to have them back though


Reissue Of The Week:
Steve Winwood – Winwood Greatest Hits Live









Does a live album count as a reissue?  I’ve decided it does.  One of the most consistently under-rated of all classic rockers, Steve Winwood releases a 23-track live Best Of.  The voice has hardly aged a day, and many of his 80s hits have been de-80s’d without losing an ounce of their spark.  This new set includes one of the finest songs ever written – ‘Back In The High Life Again’, with a vocal and arrangement that’s more gentle and mature than the original. Winwood needs reappraisal now – he should be held in the same regard as your Gilmours and your Claptons in the songwriting stakes