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New Music This Week (w/e July 21st)

Welcome once again to the list that never ends. Here’s the best of the week’s new songs:

The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Take 1)

Well now, isn’t this a nice treat. Word came through this week that on October 20th, The Smiths’ 1986 album The Queen Is Dead will be reissued as a 3CD+DVD and 5-disc vinyl Super Deluxe Edition.  Both formats will include the album remastered, b-sides and alternative versions, and a live show from Boston in August ’86. The DVD features the album in hi-res audio, and Derek Jarman’s documentary film.


Dhani Harrison – All About Waiting

“Ah he’s the spit of the da all the same, isn’t he?”, oul ones may be heard to comment.  Dhani’s new album IN///PARALLEL will be with us on October 6th, and this track indicates the assistance of Jeff Lynne.  Don’t quote us on that though.  The track is a belter, incidentally


Columbia Mills – This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home To Me

These lads never disappoint. Named for a legendary building on Dublin’s Quays, in a previous life they were known as Empire Saints, and equally impressive.  Reminds us of ‘A Forest’ by The Cure.


The War On Drugs – Strangest Thing

Second taster from the forthcoming album A Deeper Understanding, this track is mid-paced in tempo and warm in texture (thanks partly to the sparing but effective use of a Fender Rhodes piano).  We’re looking forward to the album even more now


New Album Of The Week
Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life

Lana’s back with her 5th album of singular dream-pop, this time featuring guests such as The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Stevie Nicks, and Sean Ono Lennon. She’s still obsessed with California, and still knows her way round a tune


Reissue Of The Week
Marillion – Misplaced Childhood (Super Deluxe Edition)

We’ve talked about this album already, here, in a piece that caused consternation among some on the Marillion Collectors Worldwide Facebook page. Insults levelled at your correspondent include ‘Tosser’ (twice), ‘Idiot’, and ‘Knob’. Pity, cos the piece was an appreciation of how great the album is, and this box set is a must-buy