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“Yacht Rock” Me Hoop: A Hall & Oates Playlist

Daryl Hall and John Oates are coming back to Dublin, playing the 3Arena as part of BluesFest 2017 on October 29th.  Tickets are on sale tomorrow.  The duo last played here in 2014 at the Olympia Theatre, for which tickets were as rare as a picture of 1980s’ Oates without his moustache.  Indeed, the following year, they released a live album of the show.

While Hall and Oates are the very definition of ‘Yacht Rock’, they’re a lot more too.  Have you heard their under-rated Beauty On A Back Street album from 1977?  Punk rock didn’t pass these two by!  There’s a track on there called ‘You Must Be Good For Something’, which is probably as angry a lyric as the two ever managed.  Not to mention their, er, ‘experimental’ album X-Static from 1979, which nobody bought.   Pity, cos ‘Intravino’ is on it, less a song than a cry for help with the lyrics.  To whit:

Gimme wine, wine, I need IntraVino
Wine, wine, I need it every day-o
Wine, wine, Mis en bouteilles au Chateau
All the time, I need wine all the time.
Six o’clock gotta have Beaujolais
Eight o’clock I open up Pouilly-Fuiss?Love the ruby color. Grand cru classe
Never love another once I’ve savored that bouquet

Jesus Wept.  And that follows ‘Hallofon’ where Daryl makes an eejit out of himself on a synthesiser while singing precicely nought words.

But every member of the AOR brotherhood is allowed a stinker or two, right?  You can expect this gig to sell out before you can say “Blue-Eyed Soul”, and rightly so.

To celebrate the return of these Soft-Rock titans, we’ve compiled a playlist for you, which we’ve called “Yacht Rock” Me Hoop.  Yes, some of their biggest hits are on here, but we’ve also included some album tracks and live cuts.

We hope you enjoy it.  Deck shoes optional.