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New Music This Week (w/e May 5th)

Hi Everyone, here are some of our favourite new songs from the past week:

Black Grape – Everything You Know Is Wrong

First single in twenty years from Shaun, Bez and Kermit.  It’s a song on a popular theme these days, i.e. how shit Donald Trump is.  The album Pop Voodoo is out on June 7th, and it’s good to see they’ve reinstated their iconic Carlos The Jackal image for this release.


Grizzly Bear – Three Rings

As Indie As They Wanna Be.  Grizzly Bear were criticised during the week for the annoying teaser videos that preceded this release, but we reckon it was worth it in the end.  Their first album in five years, as yet untitled, should be released later this year


LCD Soundsystem – Call The Police/American Dream

Judging by the hysteria on social media on Thursday, you’d swear James Murphy and Co. had parted the Red Sea. Nope, they just announced two new songs – ‘Call The Police’ and ‘American Dream’.  The first is the more immediately accessible, but we’ve got a feeling that ‘American Dream’ is a grower.  Good to have them back with some new music.


Dead Cross – Grave Slave

Anything featuring Mike Patton piques our interest.  Dead Cross also features ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, and their debut album, produced by Ross Robinson, comes out August 4th


Elephant – Waiting Game

New single from Irish band Elephant is a cracker.  But they used the term “sophomore album” in the blurb below the video, which is a black mark.  It’s your SECOND album, lads. Find out more at


!!! – Dancing Is The Best Revenge

“When we recorded Dancing Is The Best Revenge I pitched up my voice, becoming Nicole Fayu in the studio – much like Prince became Camille and Morrissey became Ann Coates.”



New Album Of The Week
Pond – The Weather

A concept album of sorts, about, in a nutshell, trying to live a healthy, uncompromising life in a major city, with all it’s inherent development, greed, power and money.  Main thing is that the songs are great.  Pond play this year’s Electric Picnic festival, so if you’re going, see them


Reissue Of The Week
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Lovely Creatures

A comprehensive ‘Best Of’ collection available in a number of different formats: Theres a triple-CD + DVD edition that comes with and without a 256-page book, and a trple-vinyl set.  If you’ve never gotten into the man’s work, this is the perfect primer.

Thanks for reading/watching/listening!