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New Music This Week (w/e Apr 14th)

Hope you’re all enjoying the Easter weekend. Here are our favourite new songs from the past seven days:

Buckingham McVie

They both left Fleetwood Mac, and then both came back.  Now Stevie won’t record with the band, so Lindsey and Christine have recorded an album together.  Lindsey brings the serious, Chris the sweet melodies.  What’s not to like?


Royal Blood – Lights Out

They’re dull as ditchwater to interview, but they sure know their way around a riff.  Royal Blood return with the album How Did We Get So Dark? on June 9th, and this is the lead single


Iggy Pop – Asshole Blues

Recorded for the Jacuzzi Boys’ Mag Mag label’s flexi-disc series, this is coming out next Friday.  Recorded in a bucket.


TLC feat. Snoop Dogg – Way Back

This is what youngsters call a “slow jam”.  New album on the way from TLC, now, sadly, a duo


DBFC – Jenks

“DBFC is a club, not a band”, they insist, while using @dbfctheband as their Twitter handle. However, this is great, and the album of the same name follows on June 2nd


Saint Etienne – Magpie Eyes

Great to hear new music from this band, and frontwoman Sarah Cracknell’s solo album Red Kite from 2015 is a cracker too, incidentally. The new Saint Etienne album Home Counties is out June 2nd.


Jack White – Battle Cry

Riffage supreme married to Toni Basil’s “Mickey”.  FACT


New Album of The Week:
Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

Not to pick this as Album Of the Week would’ve been churlish.  You don’t need me to tell you how great it is, but it is.


Reissue Of The Week:
Elton John – Songs From The West Coast (2LP)

Towards the early 2000s, even Elton John got fed up with people being less interested in his new music and more interested in how much he spent on flowers.  He set this to rights with he and Taupin’s strongest collection of new music since 1983’s Too Low For Zero.  There are no bad tracks on Songs From The West Coast.  It’s now been reissued on double vinyl.  Do yourself a favour and pick it up.