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New Music This Week (w/e Mch 31st)

Haven’t managed to upload any new posts this week, it’s been a crazy one.  However, I couldn’t let the week go by without highlighting some of the great new music released over the past seven days:

Paul Weller

News of a new Weller album reached us on Thursday.  It’s called A Kind Revolution, it’ll be out May 12th, and he’s shared two tracks from it


alt-J – In Cold Blood

Second taster of the forthcoming album Relaxer, and another excellent track.  They used to be called “Math-Rock”.  What a nonsense genre that was

Lucius – Million Dollar Secret

Well look what we have here. New Lucius. About time too. This song featured on the HBO series Girls last week.  Let’s hope there’s a new Lucius album in the works


New Album Of The Week:

Goldfrapp – Silver Eye

Perhaps surprisingly, I’m not going for the new Dylan album Triplicate.  I’ve enjoyed his forays into covering The Great American Songbook, but what I’d really like is some new Dylan-penned tunes.  Instead, may I recommend the brand new album from Goldfrapp?  Silver Eye is ace, and the single “Anymore” is the song of 2017 so far


Reissue Of The Week:

Fleetwood Mac – Tango In The Night

First person to say “Yacht Rock” gets a belt. There’s a reason Fleetwood Mac are bigger than ever in 2017 – their songs stand the test of time.  Hard to believe Tango is 30 years old.  You can get this reissue in a variety of different formats, but I’ve plumped for the Super Deluxe Edition.  Three audio CDs featuring the album remastered, demos, outtakes and remixes, plus a DVD of promo videos.  All together now: “Oh I-I-I-I, I wanna be with you everywhere…..”