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Beatle My Guest – Part 2: The ’80s and Beyond

Part 2 of 2, where we detail the appearance of Beatles on each other’s solo albums, post break-up.  Part 1 here.  At the very end of the article, there’s a Spotify playlist of every relevant track from 1970 onwards.  Some tracks are not available on Spotify, so the playlist is incomplete.

NB: We’ve purposefully omitted the 1994 reunion between McCartney, Harrison and Starr, as that was issued under the Beatles name


Album: George Harrison – Somewhere In England
“All Those Years Ago”, a tribute to the recently deceased John Lennon, features Ringo Starr on Drums, and Paul McCartney on backing vocals

Album: Ringo Starr – Stop And Smell The Roses
“Private Property” and “Attention” written and produced by Paul McCartney, who also contributes bass, piano and backing vocals
“Wrack My Brain” written and produced by George Harrison, who also contributes guitar and backing vocals
“You Belong To Me” produced by Harrison, who also features on guitar and backing vocals
“Sure To Fall” produced by McCartney, who also plays bass and piano and sings backing vocals
“You Can’t Fight Lightning” produced by McCartney, who also plays drums


Album: Paul McCartney – Tug Of War
“Take It Away” features Ringo Starr on drums


Album: Paul McCartney – Pipes Of Peace
“So Bad” and “Average Person” feature Ringo Starr on drums


Album: Paul McCartney – Give My Regards To Broad Street
Ringo Starr is one of five drummers credited on the album


Album: George Harrison – Cloud Nine
Ringo Starr is one of three drummers credited on the album.  He appears in the video for “When We Was Fab”, so we might presume the drum track is his


Album: Paul McCartney – Flaming Pie
“Beautiful Night” features Ringo Starr on guest vocals, drums and percussion
“Really Love You” features Starr on drums
“Looking For You”, the b-side to the album’s lead single “Young Boy”, also features Ringo Starr on drums


Album: Ringo Starr – Vertical Man
“King Of Broken Hearts” and “I’ll Be Fine Anywhere” feature Geroge Harrison on slide guitar
“I Was Walkin'” features Paul McCartney on backing vocals
“La De Da” features McCartney on bass guitar and backing vocals


Album: Ringo Starr – Y Not
“Walk With You” is a duet between Starr and Paul McCartney
“Peace Dream” features Paul McCartney on bass guitar


Album: George Harrison – Extra Texture (Read All About It): 2014 Remaster
“This Guitar Can’t Keep From Crying (Platinum Weird Version)” has a new vocal from Harrison recorded in 1992, with drums added by Ringo Starr in 2014


Album: Ringo Starr – TBC
Paul McCartney has contributed bass guitar to as yet untitled track(s)


Beatle My Guest: Spotify Playlist