Beatle My Guest – Part 1: The ’70s

News came through yesterday that Paul McCartney has recorded with Ringo Starr for the latter’s forthcoming album.  This is the latest in a long tradition of ex-Beatles contributing to each other’s solo work.  Back in the early ’70s, John, Ringo and George collaborated together quite a bit, Macca less so, quite possibly due to the fact that he was suing the other three.  As time went on, everyone made friends with Paul again, and he was soon to be found adding his bass parts, and possibly unwelcome opinion, on a smorgasbord of Fab-related audio product

So I’ve put together what I believe is a definitive list of Beatles contributing to each others solo work post-breakup
NB, we’re only including studio albums, not live albums.
Here’s Part 1, the 1970s:


Album: Ringo Starr – Sentimental Journey
“Stardust” arranged by Paul McCartney

Album: George Harrison – All Things Must Pass
Ringo Starr is one of four drummers credited on the album, along with Alan White, Jim Gordon, and Ginger Baker

Album: John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band
Ringo Starr drums throughout the album

Non-album Single: John Lennon – Instant Karma!
George Harrison plays electric guitar and piano, and provides backing vocals

Non-album Single: Ringo Starr – It Don’t Come Easy
Co-written by George Harrison (uncredited), who also plays guitar.  B-Side “Early 1970” features Harrison on guitar and piano


Album: John Lennon – Imagine
George Harrison plays electric guitar on “Gimme Some Truth”, “How Do You Sleep”, “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier” and “Oh My Love”, and dobro on “Crippled Inside”

Non-album Single: George Harrison – Bangla Desh
Ringo Starr plays drums and provides handclaps


Non-album Single: Ringo Starr – Back Off Boogaloo
Produced by George Harrison, who also plays guitar


Album: George Harrison – Living In The Material World
Ringo Starr is one of three drummers credited on the album, along with Jim Gordon and Jim Keltner

Album: Ringo Starr – Ringo
“I’m The Greatest” written by John Lennon, features John on piano and background vocals, and George Harrison on electric guitar
“Photograph” written by Starr and Harrison. Harrison on harmony vocals and 12-string guitar
“Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond)” written by Harrison, who also provides guitar and backing vocals
“You’re Sixteen” features Paul McCartney on “”vocal sax solo”
“Six O’Clock” written by Paul & Linda McCartney.  Paul plays piano and synthesizer, arranges the strings and flutes, and provides backing vocals
“You And Me Babe” co-written by George Harrison, who also plays electric guitar


Album: George Harrison – Dark Horse
Ringo Starr plays drums on “So Sad” and “Ding Dong, Ding Dong”

Album: Ringo Starr – Goodnight Vienna
“(It’s All Down To) Goodnight Vienna” written by Lennon, who also counts in the song and provides piano.  Lennon also plays guitar on “All By Myself” and “Only You”, and intros “Goodnight Vienna (Reprise)”


Album: Ringo Starr – Ringo’s Rotogravure
“Pure Gold” written by Paul McCartney.  He also provides backing vocals
“Cookin’ (In The Kitchen Of Love)” written by John Lennon, who also plays piano
“I’ll Still Love You” written by George Harrison

Part 2 coming soon!