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Still, Waters Runs Deep

Hooray! After 25 years, Roger Waters is releasing a new Rock album.  Is This The Life We Really Want? is expected in May, and he’s issued a teaser:

Rog’s last album of new material was an opera (notions) called Ca Ira, but his last album of rock songs came out way back in 1992.  Amused To Death was it’s chortlesome title, and it’s notable for being the most played album ever at no house parties.

Did you spill my pint?

In other Pink Floyd-related news, earlier this week Waters and drummer Nick Mason said they’d be willing to perform at Glastonbury as Floyd, if guitarist David Gilmour was up for it.  Problem is, Dave doesn’t like Rog very much, and while their relationship has thawed somewhat over the years, one can’t imagine Gilmour putting himself through it.  Then again, it’d be a nice way to finally end the Pink Floyd story, rather than that dreadful album of cut-offs they released back in 2014.

What we’re most excited about regarding Roger’s new album is the cover art.  Will it be as muck as his previous ones?  One had a lady in her nip on the front, another had a gibbon or something watching a telly, and another had the artist and album name written in morse code, for maximum record store recognition factor.  Maybe this time the gibbon should design the cover.


Water Surprise! Random Roger Waters fact #348:
He’s a huge fan of gravelly-voiced Americana legend John Prine