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New Bob Dylan album out March 31st

Well that was unexpected.  Sony Music have announced a triple-album of new music from His Bobness to be released at the end of March.  Triplicate comprises 30 songs, all covers of classic American songs, akin to last year’s Fallen Angels and 2015’s Shadows In The Night.  Also in the tradition of those two albums, Triplicate‘s album artwork is muck:









The first taster for the album is a version of Frank Sinatra’s “I Could Have Told You”, wherein, at the 3:06 mark, it sounds VERY like Bob’s dropping the F-Bomb:

It’s always good to have new Dylan music to look forward to, even if it’s not an album of original material.  It’s also interesting to note that Bob’s voice sounds better on these American standards than it has for years.

Triplicate is released on March 31st